I’m Ruthie…and now that you are on my turf, you are now doin’ it Ruthie Style!

Ruthie style is a many-faceted thing…something to be valued, cherished, enjoyed. And yes, the hubby definitely does.

I am a person of many talents and abilities. What can I do for you?


That’s what I do best. I do many other things…I dabble in design, I create beautiful, touchable works of art made from pipe cleaners, I love to organize data. But my biggest love is still copy-editing.

A lot of people ask me what copy-editing is. Well…it’s what you might think of as proofreading, but on a much better scale. I don’t just mark out typos…I fix stuff. If I’m working and see something that just doesn’t read right, I try to make it better.

Want to hire me? Check out the services I offer to see if I can do what you need.